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  • تشخیص بی باری (کارکرد خشک موتور)،بدون نیاز به سنسور تعیین سطح مایع
  • برای موتورهای تکفاز از  3 تا 16 آمپر و تا توان 2.2 کیلو وات
  • دقت بالا در تشخیص حالت گرم و سرد موتور و شبیه سازی دمای موتور
  • نشانگر ویژه جهت نمایش  علت خطا
  • قابلیت تنظیم زمان ریست برای حفاظت کم باری ( I< )

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Some of the most common applications in domestic, industrial and agricultural installations are as follow:

  • Submersible pumps: water supply, irrigation, well dewatering, petrol stations…
  • Surface pumps: sewage treatment plants, swimming pools, pressure sets, fire-fighting equipment…
  • Other typical applications that require monitoring: belt drives, ventilators, conveyor belts…

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Cold curve: represents the performance of the relay without any previous current flow, first start.

Warm curve: the tripping times decrease as the current flows, and are adapted to the motor heating condition based on the thermal memory, the warm condition (IEC-255) is reached after a current of 0.9 x IN (motor rated current) flows during 2 hours approximately. 

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