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  5. رله حفاظتی پمپ های سه فاز PF-R

رله حفاظتی پمپ های سه فاز PF-R

  • Pf16r web1تشخیص کم باری از طریق ضریب توان (Cosϕ)
  • تشخیص بی باری (کارکرد خشک موتور)،بدون نیاز به سنسور تعیین سطح مایع
  • برای موتورهای تکفاز از   1تا   630آمپر و بالاتر
  • قابلیت اندازه گیری جریان ها تا توان 22 کیلو وات از طریق ترانسفورمر داخلی (Internal CT) و بالاتر از آن را از طریق ترانسفورمر خارجی(External CT)
  • قابلیت تنظیم زمان ریست برای Cosϕ
  • امکان اضافه شدن ماژول  PF-RM به رله برای افزایش زمان ریست از 75 تا 525 دقیقه

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Some of the most common applications in domestic, industrial and agricultural installations are as follow:

  • Submersible pumps: water supply, irrigation, well dewatering, petrol stations…
  • Surface pumps: sewage treatment plants, swimming pools, pressure sets, fire-fighting equipment…
  • Other typical applications that require monitoring: belt drives, ventilators, conveyor belts…

جدول اطلاعات فنی

Caracteristicas pf-r ingles rev1

Caracteristicas pf-r ingles rev1

منحنی تریپ

Curvas disparo pf

Curvas disparo pf

Cold curve: represents the performance of the relay without any previous current flow, first start.

Warm curve: the tripping times decrease as the current flows, and are adapted to the motor heating condition based on the thermal memory, the warm condition (IEC-255) is reached after a current of 0.9 x IN (motor rated current) flows during 2 hours approximately.

نمودار اتصالات

صفحه خارجی

  • Odpf webOptional external module display
  • Size of 22mm push button
  • Mounted externally, on the panel door or a draw-out unit in a motor control centre (CCM)
  • Connected to the relay by a flat cable L= 2 meters
  • Diagramas conexiones cThe module has the appropriate LED’s to signal the trip cause and a reset


Dimensiones pf

تایمر PF-RM

  • Pf-rm webFor reset mode between 75 and 525 minutes, is necessary to incorporate the PF-RM timer module to Fanox electronic protection relays
  • This optional module, is installed close to the PF-R relay and is connected to the relay by a flat cable
  • It allows to multiply the reset time adjusted in the relay (x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x7)
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